How to write an effective direct mail letter

How to write an effective direct mail letter

How to write an effective direct mail letter

Direct Mail Writing

A little less than a century ago, Letter writing was an active and prominent means of communication. In fact, it was the norm.
Of course, it was quite difficult to leave an outstanding impression through letter-writing, since everyone was doing it. At the time, writing letters by hand was not much of a big deal as much as typing them with computers were. People would count themselves special to have letters that were typed on the computer and not handwritten or typewritten.

Fast forward to the present day, tweets, posts, and mails are the current trends. Typing and sending letters has become quite easy, so much so that the act of writing notes by hand is a culture that is fast becoming extinct.

Amid a truckload of tasks, freebies online, guerilla ads, E-fliers, and E-mails, no one really sees the need to sit down and handwrite letters or even read them, right? Little do you know, that the ‘insignificant’ archaic culture of handwritten notes can drive more business for you, and get your message the attention it deserves.

Handwritten letters will do you much good, especially while trying to communicate a thank-you message. First, the rarity of handwritten thank-you notes will help your letter stand out from the rest, and accentuate the sincerity of your gratitude. It doesn’t end there; Once you see a handwritten letter, what comes to mind is the deliberateness of the intent, and all of these are values your thank-you letter has to communicate to its recipient.

In a world where everyone is used to writing through E-mails, with the keyboard suggesting what your next word will be, it is difficult for recipients of your letters to feel your heart through the notes. This is where handwritten thank-you notes differ from typed letters.

Amid the hustle and bustle of the day, your direct mail pack has to convince your recipient as to why he should spend 10 minutes of his priceless time, going through your direct mail pack. Therefore, your conversation ought to begin on your envelope. Your letter must also take a cue from the message on the envelope and expound it in such a way that it holds the attention of the recipient till the final sign off; this would mean that you have to use powerful and persuasive words that will appeal to your recipients’ sentiments, such that your recipient can’t hold his smile, shock or affirmation back while reading your letter.

It is easy to say all of these and state the dos and don’ts, but the real task begins when you are left alone with a pen and a blank sheet of paper staring at you. So what do you do?

KEEP IT SIMPLE: You’re aiming for the heart of your recipient, so your first task is to communicate. Your recipient has to understand the exact message you are trying to pass across. The best way to do this is to keep your expressions simple. In fact, keep them at an eighth-grade level.

If you are not trying to advertise your vast use of vocabulary (and even if you are), there is no need to use six syllabled words or complex-compound sentences. If your recipient would see your heart and its contents, only your words can give him such ability.

PERSONALIZE YOUR LETTER: While sending a Thank-you note, let your use of pronouns suggests that you are not addressing the letter to “whom it may concern,” but particularly to your recipient. Use the words “I” and “YOU” abundantly, this makes the conversational effect in your letter come alive. These pronouns will be the difference between just another article that your recipient reads for the day, and a conversation that leaves you etched in his heart

BE CONCISE: Though it is advisable to keep your letter one-paged, the length of a note should be determined by the enormity of its message. However, you have to skip needless information and go straight to the point; this gives your recipient the impression that you’re sincere and just about gratitude.

Besides, the longer the content, the harder it gets to keep people’s attention. No one enjoys reading long content; therefore, keep it coordinated and concise.

In your thank-you note, focus more on what the recipient has done, and how you benefited from it. When your recipient sees the impact of his actions and your heart of gratitude, he will be inclined to do even better.

USE A GOOD FORMAT: Make sure you use legible writing that is neither too big nor too small. Keep your words and lines well spaced. Also, be generous with paragraphs. If possible, use bullet points, lists, tables, and charts too; this makes your letter easy to read, and its message; easy to process.

GIVE EXTRA INFORMATION: Apart from the major highlights of your letter, you can offer useful stuff. For your handwritten thank-you notes, you can also add the testimonies of co-beneficiaries or secondary beneficiaries. All of these helps to build a credible impression of you on the mind of the reader.

GIVE A CUE: In case the goal of your letter is persuasion, you should also incite a response from him. You can do this by dropping a business card or number for purchase or consultation. You should also add a deadline to speed up such responses.

LEVERAGE ON THE POSTSCRIPT: More often than not, recipients read the postscripts first to have an idea of the letter’s content, and to decide whether or not it is worth the read. Therefore, leverage on your postscript by using it as a compelling summary of your proposition.

Being conscious of applying all these rules can be cumbersome and frustrating, especially if the letter does not eventually come out as expected. Thus, save yourself the stress today and employ the expertise of a handwritten letter service like HandWrittenMail.
At HandWrittenMail, we offer the best-handwritten letters at affordable prices. Simply send the messages, ranging from “thank you” notes to product pitches, We got you covered.

Do well to reach out to us through E-mail, or phone numbers, and get the best-handwritten services today.

How to write the perfect thank you note

How to write the perfect thank you note

How to write the perfect thank you note

Hand written note

Let your imagination run wild and imagine that it is 7:00 am; the morning of your wedding. You are just in your room getting prepared to grace your ceremony, while still thinking of how lucky you are to be getting married today.

Amid all the mind wanderings, your phone rings some meters away, you reach out to get it, answers the call, and realize that your attention is needed downstairs.

You get down only to find out that you have been gifted a house in the heart of Los Angeles, the U.S, and two tickets to the city of Paris. Yay! At that moment, you’ll go numb and speechless with joy, it is quite understandable, but this feeling should not last for too long. Before the end of the day, or at the most, the next, you should have garnered enough strength to speak and say the perfect Thank you.

Now the question is, how best can you show your gratitude for a gift of such magnitude with a thank-you note. You do not want to seem like a proud and undeserving recipient, and at the same time, you want your senders to understand the value of the gift and the effort they put in.

Given this, you know that you shouldn’t just throw in a shabbily written thank-you note. It has to be one whose content will stand out in a multitude of others and one that will perfectly unburden the gratitude in your heart.

So quickly, I’ll take you on a journey on how to write the perfect Thank-you note, read through, and follow studiously.

Give your note a personal tone:

While writing that perfect thank-you note, you do not have to sound too far away, formal, and blank. Write your thank-you note with a tone as though you were in front of the recipient, speaking the words in the letter.

Let your thank-you note reflect your personality and tone of speech in such a way that one can quickly tell that you wrote it. May I chip this in because it will be pertinent to let you know that for a perfect thank-you note, you cannot afford to get content online. It will be too grave a sin to commit. Such notes will be far below perfect.

Let your note reek of originality and emotion. Pundits have it that the quality of a thank-you note is not in the excellence of speech, structure or complexity of sentence, but in the sincerity it portrays, and its ability to communicate emotions. Do not stifle out the purpose of the note by trying to sound perfect; just let it flow!

Write in such a way that the recipient can feel your joy and ecstasy even from the note.

Handwrite your thank-you note:

Sounds out of place? Well, maybe not. I understand that we are presently in the era of electronic correspondence, where the majority of content is computer-typed and as such, handwritten letter is a rarity.

With that established, you will agree with me that the rarity of a handwritten letter will make it stand out from a multitude of typed notes, accentuating the feeling of connectedness and emotion; This is the power that a pen on paper wields.

Seeing a handwritten note already gives you a promise of the originality of the text, as it has higher chances of being original and bearing the writer’s heart than a typed letter, which was most likely downloaded from a truckload of different online thank-you notes.

For a note that guarantees the recipient of the sincerity and deliberateness of its sender, stick to a handwritten note. However, it doesn’t come easy, as your handwriting has to be legible enough, the body of the text has to be neat with less ink flying around, no dents at the edges of your paper, and no cancellations. Yea, maybe it’s a lot of work, but it will eventually pay off because your sacrifice will ultimately be recognized.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to go through the rigors of writing, you could hire the services of handwritten letter experts, and you are good to go.

Don’t blab, avoid unnecessary words:

You do not have to go all lengths in your thank-you note. Let it be concise and deliberate. Avoid the use of unnecessary words or sentences. The longer it gets, the higher the chance of losing the ‘original’ feel.

Make sure that it contains every of your thought, and you are good to go.

Communicate your value for the gift or the gesture:

Don’t just go about saying thank you because you are writing a thank-you note. Let the recipient know how thoughtful he/she was for the gift or gesture, and how important it was for you. A note like: “Without you, my birthday this year would not be as memorable as it presently is. Thanks a lot for putting everything together! Everyone had a great time.” is an example of a thank-you note that communicates your value for the nice gesture. Always remember that a gift or kind gesture is two-wayed; It is supposed to bring you joy while giving its sender the fulfillment of a hero, so do not spoil the flow.

Be specific in your details:

Know your details well and be specific. If you got six strawberry cupcakes, do not mention in your note that you got chocolate cupcakes. It might be a minute, honest mistake, but the weight of the message it sends across will not be minute. Pay attention to details; be sure the details of the gifts are precise, and your quotes are exact.

Does it all look cumbersome and unachievable? Well, do not fret. Handwritten business notes?

If you would love to achieve all that a perfect thank-you note offers, but cannot go through the pain of assembling content that will be worthy of an ideal thank you-note, we got you covered!

HandWrittenMail is a handwritten service provider, that can pull off a great job with your handwritten thank- you notes. Relax, and watch us do the magic.

Drive more business with handwritten notes

Drive more business with handwritten notes

Drive more business with handwritten notes

Mail truck

Staying ahead of the competition in business is not an easy stunt to pull. With every new trend and innovation, the market seems to tighten up the game.

It even gets harder to carve a niche for one’s business. But at the core of being on top and ahead in business is the need to carve a niche and do things differently.

Now, the onus is upon every business owner and manager to start, looking for that move that will distinguish them from the rest of the market.

A very viable method is the use of handwritten notes and letters; this is one initiative that is capable of driving your business growth and has yet been underestimated in this generation. I know you might consider it quite unthinkable to start sending handwritten thank you notes to clients and customers, but I’ll say that you “never say never.”

Studies have shown that a personalized message can incite massive responses to a marketing campaign, by as much as 30-50% from prospective and existing clients. Below, I’ll make a list of why handwritten messages should be used instead of emails, and the ripple effect it mounts on the growth of businesses.

Increased customer relation:

A handwritten note to your customer will give him a feeling of heightened cordiality with the business. Away from this, it makes customers feel important, giving them the impression that they are not in a category of ‘everyone,’ as not every customer will receive a personalized handwritten message.

It is a fact that customers want to feel involved and essential to businesses that they are loyal to. So why not seize this as an opportunity to increase customer relations, and hence, customer loyalty for better sales.

Seizing the moment:

People are at a place in life where they are choked up with too many farce and a pretense that is hinged upon perfection. Man’s curiosity and craze for better experiences and environment have led us far from natural, crude, and original vibes.

Everyone is on a journey to making everything perfect. Perfect body, perfect team, perfect (controlled) farmlands, refined (perfect) food produce, perfect home, perfect gadgets, and lots of perfect things.

But research has it that we are gradually getting to that point where perfection is being repelled, and people are embracing more natural and personal methods.

Emails are beginning to get tiring, too formal, and dreary; people are seeking natural organic products as against inorganic products. These are pointers to the start of a new moment, trend, and era.

Now is the time to let go of formalities and create a warm and more receptive aura around your business. People are warming up to less formal arrangements, such as handwritten messages. Get in the move and see your business spike up in growth.

Spiked up productivity:

Not only your customers deserve to feel loved, your employees do too. With personalized, handwritten notes, employees will begin to feel recognized and appreciated. You may want to ask me why. Studies have shown that humans perceptions are wired this way and leveraging on this knowledge is a wise strategy towards driving business.

When Douglas Conant joined Campbell’s, the company was on its knees, as employee morale was low and needed a boost. Conant took to business handwriting, delivering handwritten messages to recognize employees’ efforts.

As a result, he felt a change in the work atmosphere. He determined that he needed to reach his employees on four levels; people needed to make a living, feel loved, learn, and feel like they were part of something special.

These notes were so welcomed that he began to do this for employees at all levels until he had written 30,000 notes to 20,000 different employees.

The result is that Campbell’s workplace and marketplace performance progressed that the company achieved a Gallup Employee Engagement Index of “world-class” status.

‘Personable’ brand:

A business that communicates with handwritten messages will most likely be seen as more approachable, readily available, customer-oriented, and humane.

Imagine all the direct externalities that come with the use of handwritten messages. Just by sending handwritten notes, you can buy your business a homely and receptive personality and make it personable.

Win your business the title of a personable brand that people can relate with, a brand that feels the heart of its customers, and understands the needs of its customers. Such brands can increase their customer base efficiently.

There is no better way to drive business than selling an idea of inclusiveness to clients or customers, where customers can become friends and even families. Once your customer gets to the point where they feel like they have a stake in the well-being of your brand, then you are on the right track to business growth.

Higher chances of getting feedback:

Handwritten letters have an 80% open rate, and so you can be sure that eight out of ten people you send a handwritten message will open it and go a step further by reading it (depending on the quality of your content).

This stat gives better chances at feedbacks and reviews than email, and social media content does. This will, therefore, mean that your level of reach is higher with handwritten notes, and the time to get responses or reaction to your letter might be less. So yes! This is a better way to speed up business processes and drive growth for your business.

Who would believe that something as simple as a handwritten message can increase both productivities from staff, and sales from clients? Increase the growth rate of your business with the expertise of a handwritten letter service. Replace the stringent, age-long culture of sending and receiving emails, with handwritten messages today, and experience scale in your business.

In any case, HandWrittenMail is your perfect plug for excellent handwritten services. We execute and make deliveries of notes, written by one of our team, to your clients, thus saving you the ache of writing numerous notes yourself. Contact us today and have your business experience massive growth.

What is a handwritten letter service?

What is a handwritten letter service?

What is a handwritten letter service?

Hand writing a mail

So, you have read about the wonders that handwritten notes can do in your business. You know how it makes customers feel special and how it influences positive responses. But then, you have also heard that specific techniques must be put to use for you to have a good letter.

In the face of all these, you are left with a cumbersome task of writing excellent letters to family, friends, and customers. On second thought, you probably want to give up because you have more important things to do, and the effort put into handwritten letters is so great a price that you are not ready to pay.

Well, I doubt if you’ve heard of handwritten letter services. Handwritten letter services are an excellent way to have your cake and eat it too. What I mean is this, the handwritten services take the stress of handwritten notes off you; they help you write your letters and mail them at affordable prices, thus saving you the effort and granting you the benefits.

 Hand written letter

Below are the details on the services to expect when you engage the expertise of a handwritten letter service company;

  • Handwritten letter services take your message and translate it into thoughtful, handwritten notes. While some handwritten services use robots, or handwriting fonts on the computer, some employ humans to do the writing. The message given by you is written on a card or envelope in case of direct mail packs, or written as actual letters in case of such, to your recipients. These services also address the letter by writing the recipient’s name and address on the envelopes; that way, no letter or parcel will end up at the wrong address or with the wrong person, even if they wrote a thousand notes which all bear the same message.
  • The handwritten letter service also uses the best stamps available, while sending it in your name; that way, your recipient receives all the care, excellence, and priority put into the letter as a token of your concern for them. Such messages hardly ever get ignored; instead, it places you in high esteem before your recipients.
  • These companies render such services because they understand how difficult it is for any message to catch the attention of recipients, whose inbox is rammed up with ads, proposals, offers, invitations, reminders, freebies, and other stuff. They are willing to help you stand out in such a crowd.
    Because your recipient is accustomed to reading from screens or printed hard copies, he/she would feel your loyalty and commitment, not just to him as an individual, but also to the bond that brings you both together. This feeling is well projected by the sincerity of a pen against paper, showing that you have gone over and beyond, just for them.
  • Handwritten letter services also leave you etched in the heart of your recipients. The fact that they receive your message in hard copy makes it useful for reference or record purposes. The handwritten service company takes it a notch higher by writing those notes by hand, which gives your recipients a stronger reason to keep the letters and also keep reading them from time to time. They may not read them to remember the content of your message, but they’ll definitely read them to remember how special they are and how much they mean to you.
  • These services do well to use catchy words and highly conversational expressions. They keep the language understandable and straightforward and also do well to enunciate each message you intend to pass across.
  • The handwritten letter services have customer quotations. One of these is word limit. The word limit for several handwritten letter services may vary, but what obtains is that their standard prices are pegged at their standard word limits. The process of shipping the letters may also determine prices, and how many letters there are altogether. While some give a discount for 1000 notes and above, others may have higher or lower thresholds. The paper or card type you choose also influences their quotation; this is in terms of the color, texture, and size.
  • These services allow you to attach other materials such as documents, pictures, business cards, among others. They can also write letters with stationaries which you send, if you so choose.
  • Some services limit the content of letters to “thank you” notes and business letters, while others may choose to write on the silliest of things. Not every company can send letters internationally, but companies such as HandWrittenMail have extensive international coverage of up to 180 countries in various languages of your choice.

Handwritten letter services are primarily used by businesses that are more concerned about reaching their customers, but it could also be great for personal events, this may include letting your recipients know of your weddings, new-borns, graduations, or they could even be simple holiday greetings.

Statistics show that letters or direct mail written by hands tend to get as high as eight times more response rates in comparison to print marketing, this means that employing handwritten letter services can push your tendency to get a response from your recipient, eight times higher than others who choose to use print marketing instead.

What is more? After a meeting, purchase, or event, you could show your gratitude by sending a handwritten thank-you note to your recipient. You can also announce a product launch or a new offer with handwritten notes; this service is an excellent way to make a remarkable first impression with new customers.

Handwritten letters are a unique way to improve your reviews and referrals since handwritten notes go a long way in making your customers feel special.

While there are various handwritten letter services, HandWrittenMail is foremost among them. At HandWrittenMail, we make sure that your letters are written by a member of our team, making them look real. These letters also go through rigorous quality assurance processes to check spellings and verify the accuracy, among other things.

What is more? We send your letters with no traces of our identity on the letters or envelope, so you can be rest assured that all the credit goes to you. Check us up on our website today.

To learn more about our services, contact us directly!