Drive more business with handwritten notes

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Staying ahead of the competition in business is not an easy stunt to pull. With every new trend and innovation, the market seems to tighten up the game.

It even gets harder to carve a niche for one’s business. But at the core of being on top and ahead in business is the need to carve a niche and do things differently.

Now, the onus is upon every business owner and manager to start, looking for that move that will distinguish them from the rest of the market.

A very viable method is the use of handwritten notes and letters; this is one initiative that is capable of driving your business growth and has yet been underestimated in this generation. I know you might consider it quite unthinkable to start sending handwritten thank you notes to clients and customers, but I’ll say that you “never say never.”

Studies have shown that a personalized message can incite massive responses to a marketing campaign, by as much as 30-50% from prospective and existing clients. Below, I’ll make a list of why handwritten messages should be used instead of emails, and the ripple effect it mounts on the growth of businesses.

Increased customer relation:

A handwritten note to your customer will give him a feeling of heightened cordiality with the business. Away from this, it makes customers feel important, giving them the impression that they are not in a category of ‘everyone,’ as not every customer will receive a personalized handwritten message.

It is a fact that customers want to feel involved and essential to businesses that they are loyal to. So why not seize this as an opportunity to increase customer relations, and hence, customer loyalty for better sales.

Seizing the moment:

People are at a place in life where they are choked up with too many farce and a pretense that is hinged upon perfection. Man’s curiosity and craze for better experiences and environment have led us far from natural, crude, and original vibes.

Everyone is on a journey to making everything perfect. Perfect body, perfect team, perfect (controlled) farmlands, refined (perfect) food produce, perfect home, perfect gadgets, and lots of perfect things.

But research has it that we are gradually getting to that point where perfection is being repelled, and people are embracing more natural and personal methods.

Emails are beginning to get tiring, too formal, and dreary; people are seeking natural organic products as against inorganic products. These are pointers to the start of a new moment, trend, and era.

Now is the time to let go of formalities and create a warm and more receptive aura around your business. People are warming up to less formal arrangements, such as handwritten messages. Get in the move and see your business spike up in growth.

Spiked up productivity:

Not only your customers deserve to feel loved, your employees do too. With personalized, handwritten notes, employees will begin to feel recognized and appreciated. You may want to ask me why. Studies have shown that humans perceptions are wired this way and leveraging on this knowledge is a wise strategy towards driving business.

When Douglas Conant joined Campbell’s, the company was on its knees, as employee morale was low and needed a boost. Conant took to business handwriting, delivering handwritten messages to recognize employees’ efforts.

As a result, he felt a change in the work atmosphere. He determined that he needed to reach his employees on four levels; people needed to make a living, feel loved, learn, and feel like they were part of something special.

These notes were so welcomed that he began to do this for employees at all levels until he had written 30,000 notes to 20,000 different employees.

The result is that Campbell’s workplace and marketplace performance progressed that the company achieved a Gallup Employee Engagement Index of “world-class” status.

‘Personable’ brand:

A business that communicates with handwritten messages will most likely be seen as more approachable, readily available, customer-oriented, and humane.

Imagine all the direct externalities that come with the use of handwritten messages. Just by sending handwritten notes, you can buy your business a homely and receptive personality and make it personable.

Win your business the title of a personable brand that people can relate with, a brand that feels the heart of its customers, and understands the needs of its customers. Such brands can increase their customer base efficiently.

There is no better way to drive business than selling an idea of inclusiveness to clients or customers, where customers can become friends and even families. Once your customer gets to the point where they feel like they have a stake in the well-being of your brand, then you are on the right track to business growth.

Higher chances of getting feedback:

Handwritten letters have an 80% open rate, and so you can be sure that eight out of ten people you send a handwritten message will open it and go a step further by reading it (depending on the quality of your content).

This stat gives better chances at feedbacks and reviews than email, and social media content does. This will, therefore, mean that your level of reach is higher with handwritten notes, and the time to get responses or reaction to your letter might be less. So yes! This is a better way to speed up business processes and drive growth for your business.

Who would believe that something as simple as a handwritten message can increase both productivities from staff, and sales from clients? Increase the growth rate of your business with the expertise of a handwritten letter service. Replace the stringent, age-long culture of sending and receiving emails, with handwritten messages today, and experience scale in your business.

In any case, HandWrittenMail is your perfect plug for excellent handwritten services. We execute and make deliveries of notes, written by one of our team, to your clients, thus saving you the ache of writing numerous notes yourself. Contact us today and have your business experience massive growth.