How to write the perfect thank you note

Hand written note

Let your imagination run wild and imagine that it is 7:00 am; the morning of your wedding. You are just in your room getting prepared to grace your ceremony, while still thinking of how lucky you are to be getting married today.

Amid all the mind wanderings, your phone rings some meters away, you reach out to get it, answers the call, and realize that your attention is needed downstairs.

You get down only to find out that you have been gifted a house in the heart of Los Angeles, the U.S, and two tickets to the city of Paris. Yay! At that moment, you’ll go numb and speechless with joy, it is quite understandable, but this feeling should not last for too long. Before the end of the day, or at the most, the next, you should have garnered enough strength to speak and say the perfect Thank you.

Now the question is, how best can you show your gratitude for a gift of such magnitude with a thank-you note. You do not want to seem like a proud and undeserving recipient, and at the same time, you want your senders to understand the value of the gift and the effort they put in.

Given this, you know that you shouldn’t just throw in a shabbily written thank-you note. It has to be one whose content will stand out in a multitude of others and one that will perfectly unburden the gratitude in your heart.

So quickly, I’ll take you on a journey on how to write the perfect Thank-you note, read through, and follow studiously.

Give your note a personal tone:

While writing that perfect thank-you note, you do not have to sound too far away, formal, and blank. Write your thank-you note with a tone as though you were in front of the recipient, speaking the words in the letter.

Let your thank-you note reflect your personality and tone of speech in such a way that one can quickly tell that you wrote it. May I chip this in because it will be pertinent to let you know that for a perfect thank-you note, you cannot afford to get content online. It will be too grave a sin to commit. Such notes will be far below perfect.

Let your note reek of originality and emotion. Pundits have it that the quality of a thank-you note is not in the excellence of speech, structure or complexity of sentence, but in the sincerity it portrays, and its ability to communicate emotions. Do not stifle out the purpose of the note by trying to sound perfect; just let it flow!

Write in such a way that the recipient can feel your joy and ecstasy even from the note.

Handwrite your thank-you note:

Sounds out of place? Well, maybe not. I understand that we are presently in the era of electronic correspondence, where the majority of content is computer-typed and as such, handwritten letter is a rarity.

With that established, you will agree with me that the rarity of a handwritten letter will make it stand out from a multitude of typed notes, accentuating the feeling of connectedness and emotion; This is the power that a pen on paper wields.

Seeing a handwritten note already gives you a promise of the originality of the text, as it has higher chances of being original and bearing the writer’s heart than a typed letter, which was most likely downloaded from a truckload of different online thank-you notes.

For a note that guarantees the recipient of the sincerity and deliberateness of its sender, stick to a handwritten note. However, it doesn’t come easy, as your handwriting has to be legible enough, the body of the text has to be neat with less ink flying around, no dents at the edges of your paper, and no cancellations. Yea, maybe it’s a lot of work, but it will eventually pay off because your sacrifice will ultimately be recognized.

The good news is that you do not necessarily have to go through the rigors of writing, you could hire the services of handwritten letter experts, and you are good to go.

Don’t blab, avoid unnecessary words:

You do not have to go all lengths in your thank-you note. Let it be concise and deliberate. Avoid the use of unnecessary words or sentences. The longer it gets, the higher the chance of losing the ‘original’ feel.

Make sure that it contains every of your thought, and you are good to go.

Communicate your value for the gift or the gesture:

Don’t just go about saying thank you because you are writing a thank-you note. Let the recipient know how thoughtful he/she was for the gift or gesture, and how important it was for you. A note like: “Without you, my birthday this year would not be as memorable as it presently is. Thanks a lot for putting everything together! Everyone had a great time.” is an example of a thank-you note that communicates your value for the nice gesture. Always remember that a gift or kind gesture is two-wayed; It is supposed to bring you joy while giving its sender the fulfillment of a hero, so do not spoil the flow.

Be specific in your details:

Know your details well and be specific. If you got six strawberry cupcakes, do not mention in your note that you got chocolate cupcakes. It might be a minute, honest mistake, but the weight of the message it sends across will not be minute. Pay attention to details; be sure the details of the gifts are precise, and your quotes are exact.

Does it all look cumbersome and unachievable? Well, do not fret. Handwritten business notes?

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